We design, develop, construct, lease, manage, maintain and own our apartment home communities on a forever basis.


Sustainability is a key motive behind how we design and operate our properties. Our plan is to build these communities well and then own them forever, so we intend to make sure that what we are maintaining is sustainable. To further this goal, we require our team to be good stewards with respect to design, maintenance, and operation of our properties.

Treating the social, physical, and emotional characteristics of a property are the result of intentionality in operation, a dedicated effort to build the social fabric of community, as well as thoughtful property design intended to encourage positive social interaction. Creating "A Sense of Place" is a combination of all of these efforts done in a way that defines the personality of a community. We intend to create this sense of place at each of our communities so that our residents can truly feel at home.

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  • We are Texas based, owned and operated.
  • We develop Class A age-restricted and non-age restricted apartment home communities.
  • We have 16+ years experience.
  • Our portfolio consists of 3400+ apartment home units statewide.
  • We have a proven track record. 
  • We partner with Apartment Life, a faith-based, non-profit organization.
  • Sustainability is our motive.
  • We operate under a long-term ownership model and have never sold a community.
  • We manage our communities with Highly Intentional Management.

Grand Opening for Mariposa Apartment Homes at Elk Drive

Bonner Carrington has been strong supporters of our ministry at Apartment Life and employs CARES Teams from our ministry in every apartment community to care for and minister to residents.
— Stan Dobbs, Apartment Life CEO